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Learn Spanish with Mondly? Maybe you’ve heard or read about Mondly somewhere. But why is learning languages with Mondly, especially Spanish, so popular and relevant? In a globalized world where communication is the key to success, the right learning method can make all the difference.

And that’s where Mondly, an innovative language learning app, comes in. With a unique approach and exciting learning methods, it has the potential to revolutionize your language learning.

Easier, faster, more effective – learning Spanish with Mondly is like this

Do you want to…

  • …become fluent in Spanish in record time?
  • …conquer the Spanish-speaking world with confidence and fun?
  • …discover a learning method that integrates seamlessly into your everyday life?

Then Mondly’s Spanish course is for you!

Learn Spanish with mondly

Since you can use many Spanish lessons for free with Mondly, you can see for yourself without any risk.

Reasons why you should learn Spanish with Mondly

Spanish is not just one of many languages, it is an important language of communication in many parts of the world. You can use it while traveling in hotels or in restaurants. But it’s not just vacation trips where you can benefit. Have you ever thought about taking a Spanish language course?

Whether you work in a large company or run a small business, knowing Spanish can contribute significantly to your professional success.

But in addition to these professional benefits, there is also a personal benefit. Spanish connects you with people from different cultures and backgrounds. You can better understand music lyrics, experience Spanish movies, and enjoy Spanish literature in its original form. Learning Spanish with an online language course opens up the opportunity for you to connect more deeply with the world around you.

With all these benefits in mind, what’s stopping you? It’s time to take the first step towards fluency in Spanish, and Mondly could be just the tool you need!

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What is Mondly? How do you learn Spanish with Mondly?

You know that feeling when you discover an app and think, “Where have you been all my life?” That might be exactly your reaction when you try Mondly. Among the seemingly endless flood of language learning apps on the market, Mondly stands out with some impressive main features and learning structures, especially when it comes to learning the Spanish language.

First of all, Mondly offers an intuitively designed user interface that accommodates both novices and advanced learners. The app integrates playful elements that make learning Spanish seem less like a chore and more like an exciting game. And the real highlight? Mondly relies on real conversation simulations with realistic scenarios, so you feel prepared for real conversations from day one.

Learn a new language with Mondly - Woman learn with Mondly

The didactic approaches of Mondly

Every person learns differently. Some prefer visual aids, others rely on listening comprehension. Mondly has recognized this and offers a mix of exercise forms. But what makes Mondly’s learning approach so special?

First and foremost, the diversity of exercises. From multiple-choice questions that test knowledge, to cloze tests that challenge memory, to listening comprehension exercises that train the ear – Mondly has them all. At the same time, the app ensures that language beginners are not overwhelmed. Beginners are introduced to Spanish step by step, gradually increasing the complexity of the exercises.

The key to Mondly’s effectiveness lies in its adaptive learning environment. The app recognizes where your strengths and weaknesses lie and adapts the exercises accordingly. This way, you always get the optimal challenge and stay motivated. In combination with the realistic conversation simulations, Mondly offers a holistic approach that supports you in learning Spanish in the best possible way.

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Learning Spanish in everyday life – suitability for everyday life and motivation

We all know it – you set out to learn a new language, but everyday life with its countless to-dos and obligations gets in the way. This is another advantage of Mondly: It can be seamlessly integrated into every day life. Whether you want to learn during your coffee break, in the waiting room, or even on the subway – with Mondly, you always have your Spanish course in your pocket.

A particularly motivating feature are the daily lessons. They are short enough not to be overwhelming, yet challenging enough to make real progress. A playful touch is added through quizzes and a point system. Who doesn’t like the feeling of having completed a level or cracked a high score? And if you’re looking for practical phrases that you can use in conversation right away, check out Spanish Phrases.

Learn Spanish for free with Mondly vs. premium version

There are two ways to use Mondly: as a free version and as a premium version. But what are the differences and is it worth the upgrade?

In the free version, you get access to basic lessons and can get a first impression of the app’s learning approach. However, the full potential of Mondly is only revealed in the premium version. Here you have access to advanced exercises, specialized course modules, and a deeper dive into the Spanish language. For example, if you want to work specifically on your vocabulary, the most important words in Spanish might be just what you need.

In short, while the free version offers a good start, the premium version allows for a more intensive and personalized learning experience. It’s an investment worth making, especially for those who want to take their Spanish to the next level.

The Premium version currently costs (as of August 2023):

  • 9.99 € per month
  • 3.99 € per month if you take out a 12-month subscription for 47.99 €

Can’t make up your mind? No problem. You can switch from the free version to the premium version at any time.

Since you can use many Spanish lessons for free with Mondly, you can see for yourself without any risk.

Mondly costs and offers

When learning languages, you not only want to make sure you get quality materials, but also that you get good value for your money. Mondly offers a variety of pricing structures, so there’s something for every budget and learning need. Both monthly and annual subscriptions are available, with longer terms usually resulting in cost savings.

In addition, Mondly regularly has special offers and promotions available, especially when it comes to learning Spanish.

Here you can check out the current offers at Mondly!*

For bargain hunters who want to learn Spanish qualitatively at the same time, the Learn Spanish for free section might be particularly interesting. There are often time-limited offers there that you should not miss.

Advantages and possible disadvantages of the Mondly Spanish course

Mondly has many strengths that make it a popular choice for language learners. The intuitive interface, the variety of exercises, and the ability to connect with native speakers are just a few of the highlights. The app is especially popular with beginners because it builds up the learning material in a step-by-step manner that is easy to understand.

Nevertheless, there are points where Mondly has potential for optimization. For example, some users would like to see even deeper cultural integration or more specialized modules for advanced learners. But as with all things in life, choosing the right language learning app is subjective, and what is perfect for one person may not be quite right for another.

Make up your own mind and try out the free beginner lessons for yourself.

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Alternative Spanish courses to Mondly

In the digital era, there are a variety of apps that assist with language learning. One prominent competitor to Mondly, for example, is Babbel. Both apps claim to make learning Spanish efficient and fun. While Mondly scores with a playful approach and interactive exercises, Babbel relies on a somewhat more structured approach with clearly defined lessons. Learn more about how to learn Spanish with Babbel.

Another good alternative is the Spanish courses from 17-Minute-Languages*.

Conclusion – Learn Spanish with Mondly

Learning Spanish with Mondly is an experience in itself. The app offers a combination of fun and efficiency that ensures you stick with it and make steady progress. While there is always room for improvement, Mondly sets the standard in terms of interactivity and adaptability to the learner. Anyone looking for a modern and agile way to master Spanish should definitely consider Mondly.


Why should I use Mondly to learn Spanish?

Mondly offers an innovative approach to learning Spanish in a fun and effective way, setting it apart from traditional learning methods.

Can I really speak Spanish fluently with Mondly?

Yes, with regular practice and use of the app features, Mondly will help you become fluent in Spanish and improve your listening comprehension.

What makes the premium version different from the free version?

The premium version offers more content, specialized lessons, and an ad-free learning experience, which makes for more intensive study.

How does Mondly compare to other language learning apps?

While many apps offer great learning methods, Mondly stands out for its interactive exercises, real-life conversations, and cultural insights.

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