Icelandic language course for children

A new Icelandic language course for children teaches children in a simple and playful way and also ensures fun and entertainment. The brain acts like a sponge and is extremely receptive especially at a young age. Parents can make targeted use of this fact and support their children.

Our recommendation: Learn Icelandic in a playful way with the Icelandic language course for children by 17-Minute-Languages

The children’s language course from 17-Minute-Language is a playful way of learning the Icelandic language. This makes it fun for children to learn new terms and use them in everyday life. The Icelandic language course for children is divided into different subject areas and suitable pictures ensure that the respective terms are particularly well internalized. If necessary, a word can also be heard. In this way, different senses of the child are addressed. This leads to effective and holistic learning.

Language Course for children

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In addition to learning, matching games also ensure that the fun is not neglected and provide motivation to stay on the ball. The games are designed for children. The matching game is popular in this context, for example. This game is about assigning a certain word to an image. Children love this type of play and thus expand and train their vocabulary and logic. The picture, which now matches the requested word, is clicked with the mouse.

Easy to use Icelandic language course for children

learning Icelandic with the Icelandic language course for children

For most parents, it is important that a Icelandic language course for children can be used in a child-friendly and easy way and in addition, addresses all the children’s senses. No matter whether reading, listening or viewing pictures, all elements are pedagogically worthwhile represented. The courses are also suitable for children who haven’t started school and therefore cannot read.

In order to maintain motivation while learning, it is important to introduce the children to the new language with fun. In this way, the children do not see learning as an obligation, but as a joy. This is true especially if they are able to regularly inform their parents about new terms and actively participate in the children’s learning process.

Language Course for children

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The Icelandic language course for children refers to the world of children and covers topics that are familiar to them and which they can relate to. In addition to learning the new language, the main focus is always on motivation and play. It does not matter whether the numbers are learned in the respective foreign language or the first simple terms.

Icelandic language course for teenagerGenerally, the first few figures already offer the children great joy in everyday life, because in practice they can count all things of the environment in the new language and inspire their family with it. Some children are already very familiar with the figures and then turn to other tasks such as learning the weekdays and months in Icelandic.

Interesting topics for new vocabulary

children learn Icelandic with their smartphoneTo make sure learning is never boring, this Icelandic language course offers many interesting topics for children. Children are often very fond of animals, so they also find it exciting to learn the Icelandic terms for pets. The principle applies not only to dogs and cats but also to wild animals such as tigers, giraffes, and monkeys.

Children love a variety of cheerful colors. The 17-Minute-Language Icelandic language course for children takes these aspects into account in a targeted way and therefore offers children a tailor-made learning concept that is both exciting and effective. One topic, for example, deals exclusively with colors so that the next generation can concentrate on this one topic and learning is especially easy. Each chapter can be dealt with in its own right. It doesn’t matter if numbers, weekdays, animals, colors or other day-to-day life. Practical relevance is always established so that children can create effective associations of learning.

the whole family learns IcelandicLeisure topic is particularly popular. Here the little ones usually practice with great enthusiasm, because they combine a lot of fun and adventure with this topic area. The same applies to summer holidays, clothing, food and the like.

Children can learn effectively if parents regularly ask for a few words and are happy about the achieved successes together with the child when a chapter is completed, this can, of course, be appreciated. Maybe with a visit to the ice cream parlor or a visit to the zoo. The possibilities are manifold and can be used constructively by parents and children.

Language Course for children

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Learn Icelandic with games and fun

Children appreciate the beauty of life. This also applies to music and the corresponding musical instruments. Therefore, it is easy for the little ones to learn the respective terms in Icelandic. The same applies to light sentences such as questions about what is available for breakfast or the statement that children like chocolate. A Icelandic language course for children is ideal for children who enjoy playing and would like to learn a new language at the same time.

learning Icelandic for children can be funParents will be thrilled with the effectiveness of their children’s learning and the successes they can achieve after a short period of time. It is particularly advantageous, for example, that all vocabulary is set to music and has corresponding pictures. The learning effect is therefore so effective because children also visually internalize the respective vocabulary, which works even if they are not yet able to read. Suitable pictures are displayed for all menu items so that children from the kindergarten can find their way around easily.

If the children can read already, they learn the correct spelling, because the word is written under the picture. The Icelandic language course for children also offers a practical children’s dictionary. Here the little ones can always look up comfortably if they are looking for a certain vocabulary or phrase. After a short time, the Icelandic language course for children is a faithful companion for the little ones, with whom they will have a lot of fun and discover a whole new world.

children learn Icelandic for their next holiday tripParents can support their children and learn the first basic grammatical rules. Multimedia-based children’s courses support the little ones comprehensively and in a way that is suitable for children. Children who start learning a foreign language at an early age have many advantages later on in school, and generally, it is much easier for them to learn because it ties in with positive aspects.

It is also great fun for children to use their foreign language skills on holiday, as this knowledge broadens their horizons and is conducive to creative subconsciousness and quality of life. Children are justifiably proud of every newly learned word and this feeling can still be supported by their parents, so learning will be fun even in later years. In addition, the children’s ability to concentrate is trained, which also has a positive effect on their later academic and professional careers.

Language Course for children

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