Learning vocabulary successfully

Learning vocabulary – Tips and Tricks

Repeat the vocabulary regularly

If you want to remember vocabulary permanently, it is important that the words are repeated regularly.If you remember some vocabulary for three days straight, it can be that you forget the vocabulary again after a month. Therefore, it is important that you ask yourself the mastered vocabulary again after a few days or even weeks. Only then will they remain permanently in your memory.

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Take your time and learn in peace

Vocabulary (unfortunately) does not get learnt by itself. You must take take enough time. When you learn everyday, it’s usually sufficient to learn for a few minutes. Someone who fully focuses on vocabulary learning for 10 minutes, is more successful than someone who learns for 30 minutes whilst doing another activity.

learning vocabulary
Vocabulary is best learned when you’re not being distracted by the television or Radio

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Build learning into your daily routine

You do many activities everyday – such as brushing your teeth. You can use this to your benefit. Build the vocabulary learning into your daily routine so that you’ll never forget it. For example, you can create some lists with 12 words on each of them. Now everyday you can hang another list onto your bathroom mirror. If you have worked through all the lists, you can start all over again.

Anyone who goes to work by bus or train everyday can use this time to also learn words. There are so many different ways to incorporate vocabulary learning into your daily routine. When you sit, for example, at the computer everyday, you can learn some vocabulary with a vocabulary learning program.

Learn thematically

Learn by sorted topics. Our experience has shown that you can learn vocabulary much better, when you learn them in thematic groups. Those people who learn seven words daily, should make sure that these words come from the same subject area. For example, seven varieties of fruit, seven furnishings or seven professions. The reason being that the brain can store thematically related words better. In addition you have a better overview of the vocabulary and the connection to the context remains.

learning vocabulary

Learning vocabulary – Learn thematically and imagine pictures of the vocabulary

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Learning vocabulary with using links

For words that are difficult to remember, it is best to connect them with pictures or things. With each repetition of the vocabulary you imagine the familiar image along with the word. The word and its meaning will then be associated with the image by the brain. Therefore, this method is also called the association method.

Learning vocabulary with mnemonics

Learning with mnemonics is comparable to the association method. If a difficult word has a mnemonic, you can remember the mnemonic more easily than the actual word. Thanks to the individual link you can then easily derive the actual word until it later remains without the mnemonic.

Learn only the most important words

If you want to work as a seller abroad, you should not, necessarily, invest too much time in learning words from the area of a craftsman. You should learn only the vocabulary that you’ll actually need. Words that you never need will not be kept in your memory after a while. Thus you should not get just any old vocabulary lists, but instead gather important words which are specifically relevant and important to you.

Keep the goal in mind

In school you learned because the teachers made it mandatory. Other than preparing for later life, there was no real reason why you learnt. As an adult it’s different. For example, you learn a language to communicate with the locals on vacation. Or you learn because you want to improve your chances in your job. You need to always keep these precise goals at the front of your mind.

How brilliant is it when you greet the holiday house landlord in Norway in Norwegian and through this create a friendship. You gain an insight into the vacation destination, that a normal tourist would never get. If you are you learning for work, then you should think about how much easier the next meeting with German customers will be when you’re ready with the right words in German.

learning vocabulary

Learning a language is like climbing a mountain – Always keep the goal in mind.

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