Train your speech comprehension at the same time

It is so easy to train your understanding of a language at the same time

Learning while listening to music

Do you like to listen to music?
Just pick a song in the language you want to learn. On the Internet you can find the lyrics which you should print out. Listen to the song and you now try to sing along and memorise the text.
This helps you to subconsciously learn idioms, grammar and memorise the timing. The speech patterns are detected and stored by the brain. Similar phrases will feel more natural in your mouth later on. In addition, you train your pronunciation.

speech comprehension At breakfast just listen to the breakfast radio in another country – Internet radio makes this possible to Train your speech comprehension.

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Learning with Comics

Do you like to read comics to relax?
On the Internet you can order comics in foreign languages. These can be read at night in bed or relaxed with on the sofa. For language learners, this is particularly suitable since comics usually use a fairly simple language and your brain can memorise new words along with the pictures.

Learning with books

Advanced learners can learn a new language supported with books. At the beginning, children’s books are recommended in the foreign language. If a word is unknown to you, then consult the dictionary. You can write the translation on the side edge of the book. Although the first pages will then be fully packed, you will find that you understand more with each chapter and need to look up fewer words.

Read news from the country that speaks the language

Each country has its own newspapers. Search on the internet for daily newspapers in the country whose language you want to learn. It’s best to take a simple newspaper or news site. Newspapers or magazines on specific topics are very difficult for beginners to understand. Mark this news site as the home of your Internet browser. Thus you can read one or two articles every day. Or you can print out the article so that you can read them on the go.

speech comprehension On the Internet there are many portals where you can listen to foreign series in the original language … and so you can simply train your  speech comprehension

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Watch foreign films to train your speech comprehension

Watch your favourite sitcom again in the original language instead of in the English version. To track the speech better, you can get subtitles on DVDs which run in the foreign language or in your language.
So, at the same time as training your speech understanding, you can also get in touch with different dialects and slang. Also on Youtube there are many funny videos in other languages.

Foreign radio stations

Almost all of us listen to the radio daily. On the Internet you can access many Internet radio stations from abroad. You can hear radio broadcasts by using your laptop from other countries and train your understanding of the language. Alternatively, there are internet radios that can be easily integrated into the local wireless network. So you can listen to foreign radio stations at anytime and anywhere without a laptop.

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